North Broadway Baptist Church

Please join with us in Prayer & Praise:
     *Pastor Mark and Barb as they grieve the loss of their son Nathan as            well as Ryan and Zulima, Evan and Melissa and their families 

      *Kay M. as he had by-pass surgery. Pray also for Margaret, Doug, Anne       and their family.

      *Mary S. at home  
     *Pastors Mark and Jeff, their wives and families as they serve God at           NBBC

     *Beth N. in and out of hospital

     *Horace & Esther C. as they deal with various health issues

​     *Shari M. and family; her mom, who was just been diagnosed with               cancer and her dad, who was in a motorcycle accident

     *Rose K. son-in-law, Ephraim S. has been diagnosed with cancer

     * Pray for the leaders and children that will be attending our upcoming        VBC, that the leaders will show the children who God is and that the             kids will draw closer to God