North Broadway Baptist Church

Each year, we encourage you to read through your Bible, or at least make it a habit to read your Bible every day. This year is no exception. The reading plan we are following this year is a 52 week plan that was developed by Michael Coley and can be found at As always, the readings for an entire month will be shown below.

     Q: Help! I started reading but missed a few days (or I'm coming in part-way through the year). How do I catch up?
     A:  Starting TODAY, make sure you start reading at least one reading per day so that you don't get further behind. There's nothing special about the one year (or 52 week)                     time frame. If you've missed a week, just pick up where you left off and make it a "53 week" plan. If you've only missed two or three (or 4) days, try doing double-readings               on the days of the week that you previously missed. You got behind one day at a time. Rather than getting caught up all in one day, catch up one day at a time.
           Perhaps you have one day with a lot of free time. Make it a catch-up day! We've all had days where we've read hundreds of pages in a good book. Why not do it with the               Bible? 
If you are not behind, but know you might have a couple of days coming up where you may not have time to fit in the entire reading, consider reading a few                           chapters ahead so you won't feel overwhelmed trying to play catch up.

           Use some combination of the above. If you've missed 17 days, you can do double readings for 3 days, extend your plan a week, and have a catch-up day.
           Most importantly,continue reading at least one reading per day. When you get behind, it's too easy to just stop altogether. It's better to be behind than stopped.

      Q: I've tried to be consistent, but I keep falling behind. What can I do?
      A: Don't allow yourself to become stressed out or feel guilty. DO get an accountability partner; someone who will ask you daily how your reading, prayer life, and other                         things are going. Encourage one another to grow spiritually. Read the daily reading as early as possible in the day. You'll be far less likely to forget if it's the first thing you               do and you'll get a spiritual boost by making the Bible first each day! Follow King David's example in Psalm 63:1 when he said, "early will is seek thee".
          Whatever method you choose, join with us and take time daily to be in the Word, as it keeps us on track for the Lord and it will help us to become more like Christ every day.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Reading Plan for 2018

Read the Bible in a Year - In the order in which the Books were completed


                           Sunday                    Monday                   Tuesday              Wednesday             Thursday                    Friday                     Saturday

Week 5           Leviticus 19-21          Leviticus 22-24         Leviticus 25-27        Job 1-2                   Job 3-4                       Job 5-6                     Job 7-8

(Jan 28-Feb 3)

Week 6           Job 9-10                    Job 11-12                  Job 13-14                Job 15-16               Job 17-18                  Job 19-20                  Job 21-22

(Feb 4-10)    

Week 7           Job 23-24                  Job 25-26                 Job 27-28                Job 29-30                Job 31-32                   Job 33-34                Job 35-36

(Feb 11-17)

Week 8           Job 37-38                  Job 30-40                 Job 41-42                Numbers 1-3          Numbers 4-6              Numbers 7-9            Numbers 10-12                                      (Feb 18-24)

Week 9           Numbers 13-15         Numbers 16-18        Numbers 19-21        Numbers 22-24      Numbers 25-27          Numbers 28-30         Numbers 31-33                                 

(Feb 25-Mar 3)

Week 10         Numbers 34-36         Deuteronomy 1-3     Deuteronomy 4-6     Deuteronomy 7-9   Deuteronomy 10-12  Deuteronomy 13-15  Deuteronomy 16-18                              (Mar 4-10)

Week 11         Deuteronomy 19-21  Deuteronomy 22-24  Joshua 1-5              Joshua 6-10            Joshua 11-15            Joshua 16-20            Joshua 21-24                                        (Mar 11-17)

Week 12         Judges 1-6                Judges 7-11              Judges 12-16          Judges 17-21          Ruth                          1 Samuel 1-5            1 Samuel 6-10                     

(Mar 18-24)

Week 13         1 Samuel 11-15         1 Samuel 20-24       1 Samuel 21-25        1 Samuel 26-31     2 Samuel 1-4             2 Samuel 5-9            2 Samuel 10-14                                    (Mar 25-31)