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Special Building Project - Auditorium

Phase 1 - Auditorium

Phase One of the Building Project will move forward!

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Updates on the project

Brett Mason: Deacon Chairman and

Special Building Project Committee member

Miranda Davis: Children's worker and

Special Building Project Committee member

Update July 16, 2023

Fundraising Details

Fundraising goal is $200,000
to begin the project

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Phase 1 Pictures

Auditorium Details

Overview pictures of Auditorium

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Phase 1 will give a fresh face to the auditorium, as well as addressing several crucial problems that need fixing. Below are the different items that will be addressed.


The stage layout will be changed to address problems to the piping underneath, fixing structural problems, and reshaping it to allow better use of stage space. Some heating registers will be relocated as well when the piping is addressed. The 2 wooden side boxes will be removed, and the stage will be squared off, and raised about 1 foot to allow for better sight-lines when sitting in the auditorium.

Improved Lighting

Lighting has been an issue in the auditorium for some time now. It is becoming more apparent now that we live stream more. A few fixtures are also failing and are a potential fire hazard. Lighting improvements will include changing old light fixtures to something more modern, and allowing control of room lights from the front, back, and sound booth. Better stage lighting will also be addressed.

Improved Electrical

Improvements to the electrical system are needed in the auditorium. Currently, the auditorium is running on 2 circuits, which was alright when the auditorium was built, but as we keep moving forward, and adding new technology, the likelihood of popping breakers and causing problems grow. We have had a few problems in recent years with special events using power in the room.

New Seating

We will be replacing the seating in the auditorium with new chairs. This will allow us to have different seating layouts. The current pews are in need of much needed maintenance, and would likely cost more to fix than to replace them with chairs. Chairs are more common in new church builds and renovations.

Fresh Paint, Carpet, and Back Door

The carpet in the auditorium is extremely worn and some spots are not able to be cleaned. The carpet will be replaced with a carpet tile to update the look, and to allow for easier cleaning or replacement if needed. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in a room. We will be repainting to freshen up the room. The back door will also be widened to provide better egress in case of emergency. This includes a sidewalk from the back door to the existing sidewalk

Audio/Visual System Upgrade

We will be relocating some equipment and wiring so we are better able to access connections, including cables that are running under the stage. We will also be updating some older equipment that is not serving the purpose it is supposed to. This will also include an audio assist system to help those with difficulty hearing.

The total cost for Phase 1 is estimated at $400,000. The intention is for us to be our own contractor.

Phase 1 Details
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