North Broadway Baptist Church

                                 Plan to Protect Refresher
If you plan on helping with any of our programs for children and/or youth (nursery, kidz church, Word of Truth, Pioneer Clubs or youth group), now is the time to start thinking about taking the Plan to Protect refresher course. The course is just one hour in length and will be held here at the church. No more battling with the computer trying to figure out your password! No more emailing your certificate to the office! Will has taken the training course and will guide you through the refresher.
               Choose any ONE of the following dates and times:
                  Tues., Aug. 21, 28, Sept. 4 from noon - 1 pm
                   Thurs., Aug. 9, 23, 30, Sept. 6 from 7-8 pm

The training is provided to all our volunteers free of charge, but please let Will know which one you plan on attending so he can have enough materials for you.
***Please note that these dates are for the refresher course only. If you have not taken the full orientation, but would like to help out in one of our kids programs, please speak to Will today. There will be a separate, longer training for those needing the full course.***

Fall Kick Off

Join us September 8 for our Fall Kick Off.

More details to follow.